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Black Fire Cement 1250°C is a finely ground putty-like material which is resistant to high temperatures. Rates to 1250oC. It is used for the repair of fire bricks, stoves, fireplaces, etc and sealing flue pipes


Pack contains 2 metres of Vitcas Black Fire Rope.

£8.40 inc.Vat | £7.00 ex.VAT

Chrome finish 50x100mm extendable Chimney Inspection Mirror

£5.40 inc.Vat | £4.50 ex.VAT

– Length 28 cm

£5.94 inc.Vat | £4.95 ex.VAT

length 43 cm

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£35.99 inc.Vat | £29.99 ex.VAT

430g Smoke Cartridges pressure testing of chimney & air ducts.

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Vitcas Black Rope Seal Adhesive is a high-temperature adhesive.

£105.00 inc.Vat | £87.50 ex.VAT

£159.00 inc.Vat | £132.50 ex.VAT

£45.00 inc.Vat | £37.50 ex.VAT

£78.00 inc.Vat | £65.00 ex.VAT

£72.00 inc.Vat | £60.00 ex.VAT

£78.00 inc.Vat | £65.00 ex.VAT

High tempeture Rope White Soft 12mm x 50 meter roll

£54.00 inc.Vat | £45.00 ex.VAT

£11.99 inc.Vat | £9.99 ex.VAT

VITCAS Heat Resistant Sealant is a ready mixed, high temperature sealant. It comes as a caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing in ceramics, metals, silica and glass.

£30.00 inc.Vat | £25.00 ex.VAT


Vitcas White Stove Rope Seal 2M is a  Fire resistant rope suitable for replacing a worn out rope on a stove door.

£23.99 inc.Vat | £19.99 ex.VAT

This high power 1200lm CREE XM-L2 torch is IP54 water rated.

£11.90 inc.Vat | £9.92 ex.VAT

SleepSafe Carbon Monoxide Alarm tester aerosol is designed to test the sensor in carbon monoxide alarms. Ensure your alarms are always in working order to protect your home or workplace.

£17.89 inc.Vat | £14.91 ex.VAT

Powerful magnetic strips. These magnets will hold your chosen dust control method onto the stove or fireplace opening. Fantastic accessories to have in your kit to reduce the cost of tape.

£6.60 inc.Vat | £5.50 ex.VAT

These magnets can lift up to 45kg making them ideal for holding large amounts of soot or nest material under a register plate. These hand magnets are also perfectly suited to sealing sheets or clear poly to a stove.

£17.40 inc.Vat | £14.50 ex.VAT

Encapsulated Smoke Pellet 8g - Tub of 50 8gm Encapsulated Smoke Pellets with a 60 Second burn time.24 m³ of Smoke.

£15.59 inc.Vat | £12.99 ex.VAT

5g Smoke Pellets. 30 second burn time15 m³ of smoke

£8.39 inc.Vat | £6.99 ex.VAT

The smoke pellet & match holder is designed for specific use where the heating/plumbing engineer needs access to restricted or awkward spaces in order to conduct spillage tests.

£20.35 inc.Vat | £16.96 ex.VAT

Smoke matches, tapers and smoke tubes give off an unstable smoke pattern. The Smoke Pens straight, pencil thin smoke pattern monitors even the slightest change in air movement. Each Smoke-Stick offers at least 30 minutes of continuous smoke or 90 tests of 20 seconds each.

£20.94 inc.Vat | £17.45 ex.VAT

9 piece flue brush set suitable for industrial/commercial use.

£15.59 inc.Vat | £12.99 ex.VAT

7 piece high-quality Flue Brush Set suitable for domestic use.

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£12.41 inc.Vat | £10.34 ex.VAT

High quality, excellent protection to furniture, floors & carpets.