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£10.26 inc.Vat | £8.55 ex.VAT

Heavy Duty Calico Dustsheet from Arctic Hayes is high quality, durable and made from 100% cotton. Long lasting and durable, machine washable for multiple uses and ideal for DIYers and professionals alike.

£6.61 inc.Vat | £5.51 ex.VAT

A Stair Runner Dust Sheet is an affordable, yet efficient method to protect furniture, walls, carpets and flooring from spills, splashes and overspray.

£8.81 inc.Vat | £7.34 ex.VAT

A high temperature sealing yarn for use in flues & stoves.

£5.86 inc.Vat | £4.88 ex.VAT

High-temperature adhesive for fixing thermal rope/tape.

£4.32 inc.Vat | £3.60 ex.VAT

The long life properties of aluminium foil tape make it a great choice for jobs like pipe lagging and duct sealing. Also, Foil Tape is often used to help make isolation panels.

£3.43 inc.Vat | £2.86 ex.VAT

PRS 10 Closure Plate Tape complies with the British Gas plc specification for sealing tape for gas fire closure plates, PRS 10 Issue 2.

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High Temp Matt Black Paint is ideal for uses where high-temperature resistance is required. Gives a tough, durable matt finish. Ideal for use on stoves, fireplaces, flue pipes and BBQ's.

£6.60 inc.Vat | £5.50 ex.VAT

ARCTIC Crack It - 400ml - Crack-it Shock Freeze release spray

£6.00 inc.Vat | £5.00 ex.VAT

ScrewGrab is a friction gel that helps remove or tighten all types of fasteners, such as damaged or rusted screws, nuts and bolts.

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P19 PTFE Super Concentrate Silicone Spray is a multi-purpose, dry silicone lubricant, ideal for use in the plumbing industry. Has 100's of uses around the home, garage, workshop and

£5.60 inc.Vat | £4.67 ex.VAT

Cleans sealants, silicones, adhesives & grease from hands.