Dustcontrol DC500 Air Cube 240v. Limited special offer

£675.00£693.00 Excluding VAT & Shipping

Dustcontrol DC500 Air Cube 240v. Limited special offer

£675.00£693.00 Excluding VAT & Shipping

RRP £794 Our normal Price £789 (UK) Special offer Price £675
Limited special offer. Once they’re gone there gone.

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The Dustcontrol DC500 Air Cube  

Why you need to use this for you, and your customers, safety.


The Aircube 500 By Dustcontrol filters out viruses and carcinogenic particulates from the air by recycling the air in a typical Living room ten times per hour. When the windows and doors are closed.

By circulating the air through a HEPA filter, class H13, at least 99.95% of particles between 0.15-0.3 µm are separated.

Most Chimney sweeps still work in an environment that contains particulates that are harmful to health, but even if the sweep wears a mask the customer could be left breathing in microscopic carcinogenic particles long after the sweep has left.

Particles with diameters between 0.1-3 µm are the most critical for the lungs. A large part of these will be stored in the lungs if inhaled. Quartz, Asbestos, PCBs and Cobalt are examples of hazardous and carcinogenic substances with very small dust particles that stay suspended in the air in many workplaces. Air purifiers with HEPA H13 filters also separate viruses, bacteria and pollen particles.

This means that for a typical half an hour chimney clean the Aircube would change all of the air in the room 5 times reducing the risk to the sweep from potential viruses and leaving the room completely dust-free for the customer.

For larger rooms, shops or warehouses the Aircube 1200 or Aircube 2000 would be more suited.

The particle size has been chosen because it is most difficult to separate – both larger and smaller particles are easier to separate. Each Aircube filter has an individual test protocol.

To relieve the HEPA filter, DC AirCube is also equipped with a simpler pre-filter (class G3) to capture larger particles.

The DC AirCube can also be used to create negative pressure in a room.

Covid-19 Virus, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:
”In buildings where windows do not open and the ventilation system functions in a closed circuit, High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration should be used for the recycled air. Other options may include, after expert engineering advice: placing temporary HEPA filters over the vents and exhausts in the rooms housing COVID-19 patients or using a portable HEPA air filtration system placed in close proximity to where the patient was located.” (ECDC Technical Report March 2020)


Weight29 lbs/13 kg
Negative pressuremax 400 Pa
Power consumption230 V, 210 W/115 V, 145 W
Degree of separation EN 1822-1HEPA 13
Sound level 115/230 V45 dB(A)lowest – 65 dB(A) highest

    Additional information

    Weight13 kg
    Dimensions380 × 340 × 500 mm


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