Buttonlok 12mm Rod Black

£28.74 inc.Vat | £23.95 ex.VAT

Buttonlok 12mm Rod Black

£28.74 inc.Vat | £23.95 ex.VAT

Our all-new ButtonLok rods seem feather light, as the ferrules are made from aircraft grade aluminium.

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Our all-new ButtonLok rods seem feather light, as the ferrules are made from aircraft grade aluminium. Unlike any other manufacturer of rods, Rodtech rods feature an anti-snag ferrule, so that the rods should not get cut off at the end if spun against a sharp object, as they are designed in such a way that the ferrule should come free of the object that snags other manufacturers rods.
These rods are not designed for drainage, as they are made from a ferrous metal that can corrode over time.
The rod is the same high-grade solid co-polymer core rod, as the click lock range of rods, and are all 1 meter long. These superior aluminium ferrule rods, make chimney sweeping appear effortless compared with some other methods of sweeping. Rotary power sweeping is now the preferred method of sweeping throughout the world and has been proven to clean a chimney to a higher standard than a traditional chimney sweep ever could.
These rods fit nearly all competitive chimney sweeping rods, and due to this, it is easy to swap over from snap rods to rods that don’t snap easily.
The rods are colour coded so you can easily differentiate between sizes, making it much easier to select the correct rod to power sweep your chimney.
As these ButtonLok rods click together with a simple button, you can turn the rods clockwise and anticlockwise within the flue, and you can use these rods to manually chimney sweep as well as rotary power sweeping.
The rods connect easily to a multitude of heads and adaptors so that you can use them for CCTV surveying chimneys, sweeping chimneys, or even removing bird nests with these rods.
The complete range of rods 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 16mm all connect to each other, so there is only the necessity to carry one drill driver for this complete range.

These 12mm rods can be connected to 15mm steel ButtonLok rods or 16mm ButtonLok rods, should you need to gain more height when sweeping the chimney. They are ideally suited to sweep straight flues from 5” (125mm) and flues with bends 6” (150mm) to a maximum recommended flue size of 8” (200mm).
Rods snapping due to scoring will not be covered by any warranty, but all manufactured parts and ferrules are covered under warranty for 12 months.

We hope you enjoy using our range of ButtonLok chimney sweeping equipment and we welcome your feedback and reviews on all of our chimney sweeping equipment.

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