Rodtech Button mid-rod Power head

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This versatile and easily adaptable item has many uses when chimney sweeping problematical flues or when duct cleaning horizontal shafts.

This mid-rod head can be quickly altered between stainless steel cables and nylon strands dependent on the use required. You change the infill by simply releasing pressure on the grub screw and re-threading your desired strand and re-tightening the grub screw.

You must never use this item as a leading head

The mid-rod head can be used between rods or directly behind a head/brush. It has been designed so that when you sweep a flue which can have ledges, and particularly when removing a nest, you can add this head between rods to ensure the safe passage of debris through the whole flue and will lessen the change of the dislodged nesting material reforming further down the flue and in particular upon ledges.

It is also a great aid when generally sweeping a doglegged flue with one or more bends/ledges where deposits can re-accumulate. It is advisable to use a marker rod behind this devise so you know where you have used them when bringing this item back down a flue.

When duct cleaning horizontal flues, rods (over a distance) can sag and bottom out on the floor of the shaft. This alters the centralisation of the head and allows the rods to go from side to side. When using this item it will allow the head to remain centralised to the shaft.

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