Rodtech Brass Click Starter Kit

£1,071.84 £1,018.25 inc.Vat | £848.54 ex.VAT

Rodtech Brass Click Starter Kit

£1,071.84 £1,018.25 inc.Vat | £848.54 ex.VAT

The Rodtech Click Starter Kit is designed to allow you to power sweep and traditionally chimney sweep lined and unlined flues with a range from 125mm (5 inches) up to 450mm (18 inches).

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Rodtech Brass Click Starter Kit

The Rodtech Click Starter Kit allows you to power sweep and traditionally chimney sweep lined and unlined flues with a range from 125mm (5 inches) up to 450mm (18 inches). 

The flue brushes will allow you to sweep all types of flue cleaner than you can by using a traditional chimney brush.

We have found this kit to be very useful in southern Ireland particularly, where this will cover a large percentage of all day to day work you will encounter.

We have found that the homeowner wants their chimney swept in a clean and professional manner using professional chimney cleaning tools.


Each selection of rods covers 10M allowing adequate height for most homes and includes the 12mm and 15mm. Therefore, allowing you to sweep from 125mm (5 inches) and upwards with rod thickness to approximately 500mm (20inches).

These rods are able to be used for rotary sweeping as well as manual chimney sweeping.

All of the Rodtech Click power sweeping brushes connect to all of the Rodtech Click rods. Therefore, enabling maximum flexibility when choosing the correct chimney cleaning tools.

The 12mm rods are mainly used for lined flues. However, they can equally be used in ductwork cleaning.

When using this chimney sweeping equipment for chimney flue cleaning you will ideally use the 250mm bullet brush or the 300mm Super Scrub chimney liner brushes.

The 15mm rods are primarily used for power sweeping flues 200mm and above. Normally, you would use the 550mm bullet brush or 600mm Super scrub brush in this configuration. These rods and associated heads also work brilliantly as part of air duct cleaning equipment.

All of our Rodtech Click rods connect to all of the power sweeping brushes (with the exception of the mini click system)


The 300mm Super Scrub will enable you to sweep lined and unlined appliances from 150-200mm.
It will also allow you to remove heavy tar deposits in Stainless Steel lined Flues. As well as, removing nesting debris in steel-lined flues. This head will also allow you to clean tar from Bird Guards.

The 250mm Bullet Brush will enable you to sweep lined and unlined appliances from 125-200mm.

This head is very good as its design will allow you to sweep through narrow entrance gaps such as throat plates and baffles.

Both this and the 300mm Super Scrub will make a flue liner cleaner than traditional equipment used in hand sweeping.

The 600mm Bullet Brush will allow you to sweep from 200-500mm. Its design enables you to get through tight baffles and throat plates with ease.

The Bird Nest Remover has two main uses; as a bird nest remover also as a creosote and tar remover on all flues other than steel lined.

The retrieving tool will allow hooking of chimney sweeping brushes and rods left by amateurs as well as being able to dislodge nesting debris if required.

The power sweeping drill bits come with 2 buttonless drivers so you will always have a spare incase of loss or damage to the primary driver.

This Starter kit will allow the professional to sweep most day to day encountered domestic flues, even where access is sometimes limited. It comes with 1 zipped rod bag, and spare Strands for every head supplied.

You can expand on this kit at any time to cover smaller and larger flues but is a very good base.

We do supply adaptors that will connect ButtonLok, Rovac and ProKlean products to our equipment.

The kit also comes with a 12 month warranty (subject to terms and conditions as found in our user manual).

Kit Contents

Item NameRRP EachQuantity
Rodtech Click 1000 x12mm Rod£29.0010
Rodtech Click 1000x15mm Rod£30.010
Rodtech Click 300mm replacment Strands£2.401
Rodtech Click Bullet Head 250mm£38.501
Rodtech Click 300mm Super Scrub Brush£68.001
Rodtech Click 600mm Replacment Strands£4.801
Rodtech Click Bullet Head 550mm£39.501
Rodtech Click Standard Drill Adapter (without button)£17.502
Rodtech Click Super Scrub 300mm Replacement Strands£1.501
Zipped Rod Bag£52.002
Hose Guide Rod protector£9.501
The Rodtech Click range offers high-quality products designed for power sweeping, manual sweeping (hand sweeping), drain cleaning and duct cleaning. Using an adapter standard chimney cleaning brushes, drain cleaning ends and duct cleaning brushes can be fitted to the click system. Therefroe, there is no twisting the rods together and them getting locked which makes the sweeping process much quicker. The rods are solid and the ends are crimped to the rods making the best quality available.

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