Rodtech Click Liner Breaking Kit

£627.60 £596.22 inc.Vat | £496.85 ex.VAT

Rodtech Click Liner Breaking Kit


£627.60 £596.22 inc.Vat | £496.85 ex.VAT

The Liner Breaking Kit is designed for the professional installer.

You no longer need to break into a chimney breast to remove the existing clay liner prior to installing the new flue.

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Liner Breaking Kit

The Liner Breaking Kit is primarily for use by professional installers.

Where before you may have had to break into a chimney breast to remove the existing clay liner prior to installing the new flue, the Rodtech breaking system, is designed to eliminate this necessity.

The system comprises of two different sizes breaker, so that you may break out liners with a range from 6 inch up to 10 inch.

10 meters of high strength rods

Drill drivers for top or bottom removal

Chain tar remover which can remove snots from bends.

Rod bag to keep the whole kit in safely.

Kit Contents

Item NameRRP EachQuantity
Rodtech Click 1000 x 18mm Rod£31.0010
Rodtech Click Chain Tar Remover£60.001
Rodtech Click Large Clay Liner Remover£38.001
Rodtech Click Small Clay Liner Remover£36.001
Rodtech Click Standard Drill Adapter (with button)£22.501
Rodtech Click Drill Adapter (without button)£17.501
Rod Bag£39.001

The liners will get broken down into manageable pieces. It has been reported to us by a few liner installers that a job, that they have quoted 2 ½ days to remove a liner has been removed fully within 2.5-4 hours, making the system increasingly desirable.

You must read the manual before using this equipment, and should a liner have been fully cemented in then you may still have to break into the chimney breast but that will be very limited in our experience.

Our rods and products are the toughest in the market, and every measure has been used to make sure of this fact. However due to the forces exerted, you may find a rod snaps occasionally, and in using this system for breaking liners all warranty are void. You will have to use a suitable cordless drill with a safety clutch, and further it is advised that you bring the drill down in speed and not just stop!

Additional information

Weight8.84 kg


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