450mm Twin Bullet Replacement Strands

£4.32 inc.Vat | £3.60 ex.VAT

450mm Twin Bullet Replacement Strands

£4.32 inc.Vat | £3.60 ex.VAT

16 x 450mm replacement co-polymer standing for the Rodtech Mini Click 450mm Twin Bullet Head. Allows 4 full head replacements

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450mm twin bullet replacement strands.
The heads contain Co-polymer strands which aids the sweeping of flues and ducts cleanly. They are six sided strands which generate flat sides to enhance the cleaning process. As the heads can turn clockwise and anti-clockwise they are able to cover large or small chimneys, flexi liners, lined flues, or stainless steel flues with ease. The Co-polymer strands can be replaced so the heads can be used for years to come which makes them far more cost effective over time than the traditional brush it is fast replacing. These 450mm (18 inch) replacement Co-polymer are for one change of strands only and include the forward facing filaments. Furthermore you only require a small selection of heads to cover all your cleaning needs saving you both space and time in choosing the right brush for the job. You no longer need to carry the vast range of brushes that are required by the old fashioned hand sweeping method. They also have the advantage of being able to expand to fit the chimney through centrifugal force which ensures a far larger field of contact then the old brush system it replaces. The speed of the drill determines the force generated to clean the chimney. It is always advised to use low speeds in pre 1966 chimneys, and to always use battery power tools to safe guard yourself.
Model: A1-3
4x 450mm Co polymer standing

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions470 × 20 × 20 mm


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