Rodtech Brass Click Mega Kit UK

£3,144.18 £2,913.05 inc.Vat | £2,427.54 ex.VAT

Rodtech Brass Click Mega Kit UK


£3,144.18 £2,913.05 inc.Vat | £2,427.54 ex.VAT

If you are just starting out as a Chimney Sweep this may be the ideal kit for you.
The Rodtech Click Mega Kit consists of most of the equipment you need to start professionally sweeping chimneys

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Rodtech Brass Click Mega Kit

If you are just starting out as a Chimney Sweep the Mega Kit is the ideal kit for you.

The Rodtech Click Mega Kit consists of most of the equipment you need to start professionally sweeping chimneys including:

Rodtech Starter Plus Kit Rodtech Click Starter Plus Kit

At the heart of the Mega Kit is the Rodtech Click Starter PLUS Kit is designed to allow you to power sweep and traditionally chimney sweep lined and unlined flues with a range from 100mm (4 inches) up to 450mm (18 inches) and above. The flue brushes will allow you to sweep all types of flue cleaner than you can by using a traditional chimney brush.

This professional chimney sweep equipment is not designed for the amateur chimney sweeper in the kit form.

We have tried to describe the chimney sweeping equipment to the best of our ability and included as much application as is possible.

We have found this kit to be very useful in southern Ireland particularly, where this will cover large percentage of all day to day work you will encounter and especially the very awkward to access flues.

Each selection of rods covers 10M allowing adequate height for most homes and includes the 10mm, 12mm and 15mm. This will allow you to sweep from 100mm (4 inches) and upwards with rod thickness to approximately 500mm (20inches). These rods are able to be used for rotary sweeping as well as manual chimney sweeping. All of the Rodtech Click power sweeping brushes connect to all of the Rodtech Click rods (with the exception of the Mini Click system) enabling maximum flexibility when choosing the correct chimney cleaning tools for the required application.

Dustcontrol DC 1800 - Rodtech UK DustControl DC1800 Eco Chimney Sweeping Vacuum

At last a chimney sweeping vacuum for the trade professional.


  • Low noise level 68 db ( protecting your hearing long-term).
  • light weight 10 Kg 22 Lbs. (easy to lift protecting your back).
  • High level Hepa filtration (clean air exiting vacuum. Clean air for you and your customers to breath. Exhaust air cleaner then air in room).
  • Low level exhaust at rear of vacuum ( exhaust not disturbing working area).
  • Filter cleaner while vacuum is working (in the unlikely event of loosing suction while in call use paddle to clean filter while still in call).
  • Easy empty ( remove can from base to empty. You can use bag for easy clean removal or not your choice).
  • Two years Guarantee (peace of mind for quality product).

Rodtech Chimney Inspection Camera Kit - L4 Chimney Inspection Camera

This Kit comes with two cameras and the portable HD mini DVR viewing screen, for live feed. It will allow the operator to view where mirrors will not work, and record to a standard fit for insurance work.

Due to the design of these cameras, you should use caution to ensure that the glass of the lens is not broken.

You will need a micro SD card if you wish to record Video the unit takes a card up to 32GB and can record up to 32 hours of video.

Wireless Camera

The Wireless camera is a superb tool for inspecting through flues and stoves to check the job you are about to do. Furthermore, to check the job you have done is to the highest standard.

In addition, The Wireless camera replaces the need for mirrors, as it is more directional and comes with its own light. It comes with 6 super bright LEDs. With the lights on it will last up to 2 hours, before re-charging. mains and cigarette chargers are provided.

The lights on this camera can be turned off and on subject to your requirements via a switch on the camera base. The wireless camera will not suffer interference up to 4 meters when in a flue. However, it is still usable to inspect, record or take pictures of the work undertaken. Therefore, making sure that a bird nest is completely removed etc.

Wired Camera

The wired camera has 15 meters of cable and comes with all plugs and leads required. It has 8 Super bright LEDs for inspections where quality is essential.

This camera is perfect for CCTV analysis of flues for insurance work etc.

It has the ability to turn the lights off and on via a switch on the cable, so that you can look for any light leaks within a flue.

Both cameras will give you the chance to view places where a mirror won’t reach, like an open fire with back boiler.

Rodtech CLick Inspection Camera Holder Chimney Inspection Camera Holder

The New improved camera holder takes the best of the older design and adds a new cap designed like the head of the super scrub.

The new screw on cap not only keeps the wired camera away from the sides of the flue but also protects the lens. In addition, the cap also has a grub screw that locks onto the central shaft to ensure the safe use. Furthermore this enables the head to turn both left and right for better viewing angles.

The central shaft of this product will hold the CCTV wired camera, without the cap attached. The shaft comprised of a housing for the wired camera and a grub screw to hold the camera in place. There are two holes for insertion of strands which you tighten using another grub screw located within the shaft. In this configuration, you can access the tightest of flues. Please be aware you must be aware that the lens of the camera is exposed, so you must take care.

The system allows forward facing live viewing of the flue or duct being surveyed.

WH-1 Full Sponge Blobking System - Rodtech UK Full Sponge Blocking System

This set of sponges allows you to seal openings in a variety of applications. Therefore, enabling dust control in a range of quick to seal uses. It comprises of 1, 2 or 3 sponges for open fires dependent on the height of the opening.

It has a sponge that allows you to seal a sweeping point.

Finally, there is a sponge to seal off Parkrays and Stove openings.

This set contains five sponges which can be used in any configuration, to speed up the sealing process whilst containing soot and dust.

It covers most everyday appliances with an alternative to taping up sheets

B1-4 - Black Waterproof Rodtech Lay Down Sheet Black Waterproof Laydown Sheet

 This UK manufactured lay-down sheet is hemmed on all 4 sides and made from the same heavy weight, hard wearing Nylon used for our rod bags.

The sheet measures 1.5M x 2M (4ft 11iches x 6ft 6inches)

The Nylon material has a backing made of a waterproof membrane. Therefore, ensuring that any soot or debris removed will never penetrate the sheet.

The waterproof backing ensures that if you are unlucky enough to put your sheet on a damp patch, no moisture will penetrate.

Easy dry features means your sheet will ready to use with minimal delay, and can be wiped clean for most applications.

The Rodtech lay down sheet comes in black and has the Rodtech logo embroidered in. Giving it a sleek professional finish that inspires confidence.

This product is washable by machine on a cool wool wash setting.

A5-3 Rodtech 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet

14oz Denim Laydown Sheet

Finally, the Rodtech Brass Click Mega Kit includes a Rodtech branded 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet.
Approximate Dimensions – 153 cm (60 inches) x 203 cm (80 inches).

Additional information

Weight15 kg


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