Very happy with the service that Rodtech provided. A no rush service on the phone with their rep and interesting information given as to things happening in the future. Many thanks Rodtech.
Craig Smith
C S Services
As always very helpful, received goods next day.
Mark Abbey
Excellent course with Bob and team purchased rods brushes really makes job easier quicker excellent stuff another few months will be purchasing more equipment highly reccommend good service.
Michael Bentley
Elite Chimney Sweeps Norfolk
I am very happy with there service there equipment is easy to use and you get 100 per cent result customers are very happy with results you receive your order within 24 hours after ordering it.
Charles Daly
As a busy chimney sweeping business we demand a lot from our equipment. We require reliability to increase our efficiencys. The RodTech equipment is the most robust we can find and therefore our preferred supplier of sweeping equipment.
Rob HIll
Bridgnorth Chimney Sweep
I am absolutely delighted with my latest purchase from you. The latest model of brass constructed button release rods are excellent. Silky smooth in action, they also save time. I thought the prices were competitive too. All round excellent value for money.
Stephen Backhouse
I've used the Rodtech system for about seven years and I am now using the third version. I have found it to be a very comprehensive and robust set of equipment able to do most jobs and far superior to the traditional method. New customers often comment on the extra amount of soot and other dep...
Phil Unsworth
Breckland Brush Chimney Sweep
As always the service from the team at Rodtech has been first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
Mike Barrett
Soot Busters

Very pleased with Rodtech every think I need you seem to have and its nice to get bits that last these days Thank you.

Nigel Dodson

I brought the new improved camera holder, very pleased with it as it offers a lot more protection for the camera. cheers guys

Mark Styles
Clean & Sweep
I have converted to Rodtech equipment and I am converted !. the equipment is so easy to use. cleaner and faster. My customers are delighted with the work. it's so good it generates more work. After thirty three years I must say it gives a new life to the oldest profession.
Tony Power
I bought all rodtech gear last year. 8mm 12mm rods kits and camera kit. I can honestly say I am delighted I went for for the rodtech and not the other cheaper brands. I have no complaints whatsoever. The gear is just so user friendly and durable it makes my job easy. Many thanks
Mike Hannan
Pro Clean Chimneys
Having used almost the complete range from Rodtech, the investment was worth every penny. From doing the course, advice when needed, excellent quality of the rods and brushes (even better now with the brass ends), and the quick service, I cannot rate them highly enough.
Les Bowering
Green Sweeps
Very pleased with my recent order from Rodtech UK.I was held up on a job due to some rectangular clay pot liners blocking the flue for a flexi liner.I phoned Tony from Rodtech who provided good honest advice as to what system I would need to remove the clay liners.I ordered s...
Yorkshire Energy Solutions
Would just like to tell you how happy i am with my Power Sweep System. No more bad shoulder from pushing and twisting the universals anymore. Don't tell everyone or they'll all be doing as good a job as i am.
The Rodtech power sweeping kit works beautifully. It's efficient, time saving and easy to use. It does a great job without harming the flues or liners. Highly recommended.
Lester Thoresson
Chimney Wizard
Hi I have purchased several sizes of rods off Rodtech and have never been disappointed the new 8mm rods with brass ferules are great and are so flexible I hope all the other sizes are going to be made with brass if so I will be buying them at the Nacs trade show on the 10th and 11th of April s...
Ron Clarke
Vice Chairman -  NACS
The Rodtech Power Sweeping system is the best I've used so far.Guys that are still using the old system i believe are so far out of touch it's scary, well done & all the best for the future.
John O\'Regan
The Chimney Sweep
Hi all in Rodtech, thanks again for the quick service. I got the camera holder and it has already put its mark on me as when you get stuck and can't see the camera and holder took the guess work away quickly and with ease. Hope to be in touch soon, thanks again.
Anthony Burke
Hi RodtechMy thanks to the guys at Rodtech for helping me to choose the right gear for my client list. A great course I had a marvellous time shame the fish and chip shop was closed.There are some very useful notes and I think the input provides a good refresher to the NACS basic co...
Trevor Lund
Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for supplying the advanced power sweeping kit and it's brilliant and used it now for the last few months and can't imagine ever sweeping a chimney with those awfull brushes again (they were such hard work and never done my shoulders any good) gla...
Brian Clarke
Sweep Easy
I have been using the power sweeping system for a few weeks now, I initially had issues with my drill not being powerful enough to spin the head in the flue. But this was sorted by using dewalt 18v as you advised.We did some before and after cctv of a flue and I do have to say the power sw...
Brian McNamee
Where to begin on power sweeping.I have been sweeping chimneys nearly 5 years, thought i knew everything about chimney sweeping and tools.I became a member of the chimney sweeps of Ireland, it's there i got the real know how and been professional on chimney sweeping. It was there I ...
Paul Brown
With reference to the spinning rods, all my men think they are good to use and like everything new they do have to use them more often.The main feedback is they are great for stainless steel liners, they get the creosote and tar off a lot easier than rods and with less pressure on the stru...
Vic Crompton
Honorary Vice President -  NACS
I purchased my Rodtech set in the summer of 2011 and they had more than paid for them selves by the autumn of 2011.As a contractor too my local housing authority, i can sweep as many on average, 6 sweeps a day, 5 days a week all summer.The Rodtech system meant that i could get as ma...
Kevin Walker
KWS Woodburners
I am delighted to be able to report on my introduction to Power Sweeping by Bob Russell of Rodtech who are based in Norfolk.Having spent a day with Bob whilst he was undergoing his Assessment to the NACS I was able to see first hand the RODTECH system of power sweeping flues.The equ...
Martin p Glynn
President -  NACS
Best thing I ever did buying Rodtech Power sweeping Equipment.It does a fantastic job.I am confident that it will give me the edge over other sweeps in my area.I will NEVER go back to the old ways, I was pleased to put my traditional cumbersome kit away.Thanks Rodtech... A...
Jack Cummings
JC Chimney Sweeps